Our Design Philosophy


Always innovate but don’t over complicate. It’s too easy for M&E Consultants to specify equipment and installation methods for projects without fully interrogating the pros and cons for the client. We ensure that the services specified are suitable for the application so that capital and revenue costs are minimised. MBA offers a sound practical approach based on industry experience but with the ability to innovate.

Don’t overcomplicate

We ensure that the final solutions are suitable for the application without jeopardising capital cost for poor revenue cost. We will always strive to ensure that the client has an informed decision-making process based on hard facts. We never overcomplicate system design.

Keep it simple

Simple installations reduce both capital cost and revenue costs through simplified maintenance and FM over the life expectancy of the building. Making the final solution simple for the end-user ensures that the maintenance is straight forward and uncomplicated. The majority of our staff have at some stage in their career spent time in the contracting industry which benefits the technical design with the practicalities of installation[s] ensuring concise designs.

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